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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Holiness David Sending you Love

Holiness David Sending you Love inside your Heartbeat

Sing unto God, sing praises to His name, extol Him that rideth upon the clouds (dragons often signifying the Aqua person, who represents the union of the perfect body, where the veil of not knowing is lifted.-the body of colors and the tools of light are used to become perfection), by His name Jah (Great Spirit Father)(Ps. 68:4); to ride upon the clouds denotes the understanding of the Word as to its interiors (within), or in its internal sense (a joy light from within). A cloud (water bearer that cleanses and purifies) is the Word in the letter (colors, tools of light and law of morality), in which is the internal sense (within). In the same:--Jehovah bowed (half circle, a rainbow clan) the heavens, and came down (descended with love), and thick darkness (dreaming awake or asleep) was under His feet (action, motion); and He rode upon a cherub (Indigo heart) (Ps. 18:9, 10); thick darkness (darkness inside the clan both pure and impure dreamspace, strength lightning heart) here denotes clouds (dragon-tools of light); to ride (perfect crystal body) upon a cherub (perfect indigo soul) represents the Lord's providence lest man should of himself enter into the mysteries of faith (vision quest) which are in the Word (law of god). aho, may your spirit fly! Holiness David "Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star" An Elder Lavender Person, offers you blessings and overflowing love in your time of need Rainbow Clan. It is time Native Americans to come home! holinessdavid@alightfromwithin.org for prayers or email alightfromwithin@gmail.com for songs from heave

Sons and Daughters of Israel Arise

Before You, Adonai, our G_ah_d, may all bow down (rainbow), and give honor to Your precious name, and may all take upon themselves the yoke of Your rule. And may You reign over them soon and forever and always. Because all rule is Yours alone, and You will rule in honor forever and ever. As it is written in Your Torah: "Adonai will reign forever and ever." And it is said: "Adonai will be Ruler over the whole Earth, and on that day, G_ah_d will be One, and G_ah_d's name will be One.

(ah: Heaven has come home to Earth)
G: Voice (utterance) of ah: heaven's
D: heartbeat (transmission)

House of the Beloved family, Earth is embracing like a Cup, heavens arrival pouring forth in the third phase of Evolution, the Yellow rolling hills. While we greet the morning Sun and await the evening Dawn We remember the sacred circle of life begins again. Let us be a part of joyous celebration and devotion to Mother Earth. Your devoted servants, Celebrating the Sun!
Holiness David, White Buffalo Calf Woman and Elders Around the World reminding you, suffering is what we do for those we love. Now evolution shows us that the suffering of the Sons and Daughters of Israel were for the Family of G_ah_D. Heaven has come home, we await the returning Sun, the Dawning which is upon us. Let us start to take our place as the Ordained of the Most Highest in the Eastern Shore.

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